​A Day of Everything that Flies

Can you think of something that can fly?  A plane, a kite, a bird or quite strangely, our moments. Indeed it is possible for moments to fly that it might never come back the moment you let it pass.

That’s why I made sure to be part of the 21st Philippine International Hot Air Balloon Festival. This was held in the vast grounds of Clarke Airfield Pampanga and was participated by God knows how many number of spectators — all geared to witnessing the beauty of hot air balloons.

We traveled early and witnessed this picturesque sun rise which is a bonus apart from the many beautiful moments that day. 

The star of that day are these colorful objects which, as seen in the picture is about to grace the sky. 

The sky, on the other hand, was dressed in its perfect kind of blue and specks of white.

It’s not hard to fix your eyes on this kind of beauty and though dust is literally in the air, on our shoes, face and clothes,we just cherished that moment and laughed when the wind blew all the dust on our faces. 

Here are my companions, my ‘pakikipagbalyahan sa pila buddies’ and talikodgenic friends who pasted the genuine smile on my face.

I left a thousand footsteps there making the most out my visit in Pampanga. What also made my day is this ‘hugot’ line from an emotions based friend of mine.

Kung ikaw man ay isang hot air balloon, hindi kita paliliparin sa langit. Alam mo ba kung bakit? Kasi ayokong bitiwan ka at makitang masaya kasama ng iba. Pero alam kong ang hangin na nakapaligid sa atin ay parang ang tadhana na nagdidikta kung kailan at saan ka dapat tangayin dahil gaano man kahigpit ang kapit ko sa lubid ng iyong puso, darating ang takdang oras ng iyong paglayo. Mabibitiwan kita gustuhin ko mang manatili kang malapit sa’kin. Kaya naman ngayon pinapalaya na kita at mula dito sa malayo, tatanawin kita kasama ng ibang hot air balloon. Tatanawin kita kahit na hindi mo alam. Tatanawin kita hanggang sa wala ka na. -Angelica Batangan


She deserves an applause right?

I believe that that’s the effect of being giddy for the event, waking up early and hours of staying under the sun.

We also had a little bit of a sidetrip at SM Pampanga where we took a lot of photos.

It’s incredible how the gift of nature and gift of friends uplift someone’s perspective of life. It was a day not only of everything that flies but also a day of feeling like flying because of happiness.

It won’t hurt to sometimes look up the sky and appreciate it impressing you of its beauty — with or without the balloons.



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