Enjoying Tagaytay with ‘bes’ the budgetarian way

​Inner wanderlust may kick in in a jiffy and it is very important to at least quench that thirst to travel once in a while. Safe, budget-friendly and just a three-hour ride away from the metro,Tagaytay just earned a spot in my heart as that ideal lakwatsa destination.

We went there last December and yes this post is a little bit late but I know this is better than not having to tell a story worth remembering.

And so it started when we catch a bus going to Tagaytay. Clueless (but brave) newbies that we are, we alight at Olivarez terminal. Olivarez is Tagaytay’s main thoroughfare where we find the place’s famous spots very accessible.

Picnic Grove

A thousand footsteps is what it took to inhale the fresh Tagaytay air at the Picnic Grove. We had fun taking long walks in descending staircases which led us to the breathtaking view of Taal lake surrounding the famous Taal Volcano.

We’re not so brave to ride a horse in action, then here’s for us — a 20-peso photo op with a horse. Just a knack for acting and voila! you will nail that ‘cowgirl/boy – esque’ look.

And before perfecting the above poses,we had a fair share of hardship and fear in riding our respective horses.

After a series of epic selfies, we spread a blanket to rest our feet and at the same time, watch Tagaytay’s picturesque sunset. 

People’s Park in the Sky

Our mouths hang open on the way to this old architecture. Its a challenge for vehicles to go up People’s Park because of the ascending terrain. A series of fearsome detours and leg pains after, we’re greeted by this awesome view. Park in the sky it is.

People’s Park in the Sky is an unfinished mansion by Philippines’ former President Ferdinand Surviving for many years, molds and rusts also inhabited the place which give a classic and instagramable vibe with our photos. 

Acoy San’s Inn
We stayed the night at Acoy San’s inn near Picnic Grove and there’s a lot of lodge to choose from based on your preference.

And here’s a beautiful view from our room. 

We don’t know when will be the next time wanderlust will kick in, but I’m sure there’s always a way to quench it the budgetarian way.



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