From Tale to Real: What Happened after College

It is incredible how we thought we are destined to something and then abruptly, everything’s changed. It’s like you’re a lead actor and then God decided you to just take the supporting role instead.
That’s what I felt after College. In as early as 10 years old, I made up my mind that someday I will be a writer or work in the media industry. Things were put together in College and I was able to excel in the field of journalism.

It was like a fairytale in progress. I worked hard to qualify for any position related to my passion. Then suddenly, my role changed and everything didn’t turned out as what I’ve planned all along.
It has taken me years to digest the sudden shift and many times I’ve planned on quitting my current job as a Healthcare Advocate to pursue writing fulltime.
But I’m holding back. I am happy with my work now and I realized that what only keeps me disturbed for years are those people who will always have something to say in whichever field I will be.
I decided to consider what’s real and divert my attention from the tale that I’ve created. If writing is really my passion, then that will not be taken away from me. 
For me, being a writer doesn’t only mean seeing your name published. If its in you then it will be yours even if you don’t have the degree to do so.

If you get to experience that familiar itch of the writer’s block and the continuous flow of words when writing, then don’t quit to tell stories. Don’t quit to excel in whichever field you are.

Honestly, I struggled accepting the changes. It was like taking the exam entirely different from what I’ve reviewed. I didn’t seek advice from anyone because I’m a person who always have a plan when things didn’t go my way.
And this is strange because right now, I don’t have a concrete plan. All I know is that I am happy with my job and thankful for the guidance of the Unseen Hand.



One thought on “From Tale to Real: What Happened after College

  1. College didn’t work out for me either. Nothing like the brochures… anyway. Loved the experience; got the shirt. Now paying the bill…

    You are be far not the only one in that boat.



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