Ten Things About Me

​I can’t help the excitement of seeing another post and another post and many other posts to come.

After 2.5 years of hibernation (that’s quite a while i know), who would’ve thought that I’m reliving this blog now.
As I’m typing this, I can’t help the excitement of seeing another post and another post and many other posts to come. I think I’ve saved a lot of ramblings, thoughts and experiences (termed in this blog as my ‘sketches’) on those 2.5 years that I also have a lot to tell. 
Anyway, that is too long for introduction when in fact I just wanted to at least itemized specific things about myself to kick off my comeback. 
1. I’m a journalism graduate at Polytechnic University of the Philippines but I’m now working as a Healthcare Advocate or (sa call center as what Pinoys would usually say.)
-job mismatched right?  I know. But i am looking into excelling in this field while still pursuing my passion in writing.
2. I love to read.
Angels and Demons (Dan Brown), Percy Jackson Series(Rick Riordan), Harry Potter Series (JK Rowling), Vampire Academy Series (Richelle Mead), The Selection Series (Keira Cass), Mortal Instruments (Cassandra Clare) and the Ruby Red Trilogy (Kerstin Gier) are among my favorites.
3. I love cats and dogs.
-I’ve had a lot of cats in 22 years of my existence and discovered that I also have soft spot for dogs in 2014.
4. I dream to travel the world for free so I dream of becoming a flight attendant.
-I’m loving these YouTube channels: fly with stella and Misskaykrizz. They have excellent channel and I don’t mind spending hours watching their vlogs. I even save those in offline mode. 
5. I am an INFJ.
-I don’t know if it’s correlated but I’m so talkative when I’m with people who I’m comfortable with and too introverted when with others. Introverted in the sense that I don’t totally speak. 
6. I’m an NBSB titleholder.
-I’m still holding the sash and the crown and I believe everything will be come in God’s perfect time.
7. I’m a photographer wannabe. 
-I’m literally bouncing on my toes whenever I capture a good picture especially of sunrise and sunsets.
8. I love to eat rice and almost eat everything with vinegar on the side.
9. I desperately want to learn how to play a guitar.
10. I’m ‘waley’when it comes to joking. 
-I’m a terrible joker and all of the time, people laugh not because my of jokes but of how lame my jokes are.



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