No matter how long the road may be, there’s an end for sure. An end that will make you say, ‘Well at least I tried!’

Many times it was proven that all has its end. The path may be so long and the horizon seemed so blurry that what lies there is so strange for you. So strange that you’re afraid to make the first step. However, there’s a push, a soft voice that seemed so powerful to push you and extend your limits.

As you manage to take the first step, the second step and counting, the way is going harder. You stepped on a hard rock and wounded your toes. Your feet are so numb that you seemed to give up on your trip. You looked back. You looked behind you and saw another horizon a bit clearer than the horizon you’re aiming to get into.

You continued and endured the pain, stop and cried a little when you’re already hurting. But right after you shed tears, you always stand up with head held high, more observant by this time. Slowly, you are managing yourself. You are no longer stumbling on the rocks. Instead, the smaller rocks are being crushed as you walk ahead.

It rained very hard and you almost lose your strength. But you have to get there. You are seeing the clearer side of the blurry horizon and it is so beautiful. It is a place so promising and the tiredness fade and is being replaced by happiness.

And then one day, as you gently touch the dead skin of your wound and feel the thickness of your soles, the horizon is no longer a thin line. The horizon that you’re trying to reach for a while is a horizon worth travelling.

Your family awaits and with a big smile, waive their hands to you. And behind them is a very big house you remember as a picture posted on your dream bulletin. It was huge—-and real. As you go closer, you paid attention to yourself and saw that you are dressed in a formal white dress. You’re stressed and rotten face was now so radiant and very beautiful and the people there know your name and look at you with enchantment and admiration.

You sighed and looked back. That was a road so long. The soft voice was so soothing and comforting. And you realized that you are not alone the whole time.



2 thoughts on “No matter how long the road may be, there’s an end for sure. An end that will make you say, ‘Well at least I tried!’

  1. Hey-o and thank you! I happened to find your post through a google search for “long though the road may be” and it paired well with the closure of what I was writing so I linked it. If this sounds super manic or the grammar is weird or something I’m sorry, very sleepy and weird at the moment. Good night! 😀

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