Noi ti vogliamo bene Papa Francisco!

Father – you might say to me – I was let down because I have lost so many things, my house, my livelihood. It’s true if you say that and I respect those sentiments. But Jesus is there, nailed to the cross, and from there he does not let us down.” — Pope Francis

Pope Francis’ setting of foot in the Philippines is definitely an honor for us Filipinos—a more than perfect moment to those who are in dire need of God’s blessings after the devastation of the super typhoon Yolanda. From there, we felt the presence of the Lord, as if hugging the whole nation and telling us that everything will be okay because He is everywhere.

I am lucky to live in this generation and to experience the joy of the Papal Visit. I’m having my internship at a radio station that’s why since the Day 1 of the Pope’s Visit, we have been so busy giving the people news bits about the Pope’s itinerary. It is an honor for me to be of service during his visit. It is as if I am serving the Lord and it feels so good in my heart.

By just looking at the monitor in the radio booth, my mood lightened up and my heart danced with joy. The Pope never loses his smile. That smile which lifts up the spirit of everyone and eases the pain of suffering and destruction. I am so happy for his coming and I feel God’s blessings overflowing within our nation.

The flock of Filipinos gathered at the Manila Cathedral to hear the message of the Lord through Pope Francis—Pinoy’s “Lolo Kiko.” (photo from

It is no longer a rumor that this country is jump packed with controversies that I know for a fact, Philippines is on the spotlight—corrupt officials, poverty and hunger. These are the things that drown us. But then I was able to see the brighter side or rather the brightest side. We have that unshakable faith that any super typhoon cannot shatter. We have the that positive vision of the future amidst the darkest hours of our lives.

It is not only the faith that needs to be endless but also the action. As Pope Francis said, peace is achieved by helping the needy. Helping each other is what makes us brothers and sisters. I can’t remember how many goosebumps I had and tears I have shed by looking at the faces of my countrymen greeting the Pope.

I really wanted to see him personally but wasn’t able to find a way because of certain reasons. However, I am thanking him with all my heart for breathing the same air with us, for standing the same ground with us and for showing his mercy and compassion to us.

And though I am not able to see him in flesh, I proclaim that someday, I will. Vederti un giorno Papa Francisco!

Pope Francis on the open Pope Mobile. (photo from



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