Entangling Myself with the Tangled Series

Weird. That was how I would describe the feeling right now. Anyhow, I have finished reading this novel of Emma Chase, the Tangled Series. It was a bit erotic with precious lessons at hand. No, let me rephrase my statement. It was totally erotic with precious lessons at hand and I can’t help drooling with the handsomeness Emma Chase worded to the character of Andrew Evans.

Told mostly in the male POV (three books out of four), the author definitely deserve a standing ovation and a fireworks clap. Imagine how a woman can put her words in the character of a man with matching lessons and untold perspectives where anyone who reads it will reach a stage of realization. As far as I have carefully read the dedication and acknowledgement part of the book before jumping into the story proper, Emma Chase’s husband, Joe helped a lot in discerning the male thought to his wife. And evidently, it all worked out because the author hit the target and hooked a reader from start to finish.

The story circles around the carefree and luxurious life of Andrew Evans, the rich, handsome, intelligent and naughty guy who fell into the trap of Katherine Brooks’ beauty and wit.  Working in the same company, they became rivals in achieving the limelight which means closing a deal with high caliber clients until their attraction was triggered by their arguments. Another bonus love story is the meet up of their best friends, Matthew Fisher and Delores Warren and other romances of different people involve. I love how the story goes and the narration, which is as interactive as watching a film. Reading it seems like you are part of the scene and the characters are talking to you, asking how do you feel about this and that and what do you see. I’ve been used to the curses of the characters, cracked out laughs and nearly shed tears with their piercing lines.

Now, what I love about Emma Chase’s Tangled Series is that I have realized that men are naturally insensitive and women are usually hard to be with. Reading it defined a more detailed perspective of what men and women naturally are. Here are some of the ‘precious’ pointers that will always be remembered upon reading this book.

-Men can love a woman and have other women to flirt with.

-If women are specific on what they feel and annoyed of, there will be world peace.

-If a woman says, ‘I’m fine’, well it’s partly true and a whole lot of lie.

-Men can’t multitask.

The series is composed of four books: Tangled, Twisted, Tied and Tamed all downloadable in different sites. 







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