Long Live This Blog!

I’m hanging on with the idea that I could maintain the enrichment of this blog from now on. I made one in another site a few months ago but left it behind due to the demands of being a graduating college student trapped with the ever epic, mind-shrinking thesis and time-demanding internship. 

Though I am still on the verge of my internship for this second semester, I find it a good idea to have my online diary as I look forward to more dramatic days of my life to come.

I am bothered by the flash of things lately. Once, I am a freshman college student worrying what to eat for lunch and now, I am a woman nearing to interfere with the corporate world in five months. It should be. I don’t have any plans of resting for the graduation is what exactly I’ve been waiting for. 

I am worried that I would not be able to find a job fitted for my course when I am out of the academe. Observing the conventions of this world, I admit that applying for a job would not be easy. I should be this, I should do that and I should know whom. That was the haze I am trying to clear out right now.

Some of my classmates are now paving their ways in the real world. They’re working as writers, attending blogging events, judging writing competitions, and getting well-equipped with many people in the media industry. I’m sure that in the graduation day, they will have time to relax and unwind because there is already a work waiting for them.

Do I sound envious? Nah, I’m not envy. I’m just dissecting the feelings out of my nosy mind. I remember my high school graduation where I proudly marched towards my seat because I passed the PUP College Entrance Test.  I want to have that feeling again in five months. Well, let’s see if that would happen—again.

I hope that I have established the connection enough for me to have my desired job. It is important to have your connections especially in the real world. But of course, you have to have the knowledge and skills so that you are going to fit yourself in your chosen career. It is more ideal to think that it is not only about whom you know but also what you know.

Meanwhile, I am still on the processing of my requirements for internship. Hopefully, I will get to start soon so that I won’t have any problems regarding the revision of the thesis final copy.

This is definitely a graveyard semester for me. We have only six units to take but the thought of I will be working soon tortures me. It is not that I do not want to work and yes, chase my dreams.

Everything will be different in five months. I seem like a bride to wed his groom soon. 

There is the pressure and nervousness running through my veins. You may think like I am overreacting but this definitely makes my personality.

Well maybe this is the reason why my emotional self decided to relive this blog. Perhaps this is finally the outlet to vent out and not to keep the stories to myself.  So here’s definitely the start of the telltales of your erratic introvert.





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